Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Streamstown National School celebrates the uniqueness of the child and will seek to develop each child’s potential to the full. We are fully committed to offering excellence in education and promoting the highest possible achievement for our pupil by:

  • Offering a broad based curriculum, facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, promoting enjoyment in learning and providing knowledge and skills to equip students for work and leisure as active, confident and responsible members of a rapidly changing society.
  • Providing a secure yet challenging environment where children can feel free to develop their lively, enquiring minds.
    Our aim is that all children should leave our school with the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy, an enthusiasm for learning, a thirst for knowledge, appreciation of their religion and the world they live in, and, above all, many happy memories.

Aims and Aspirations
The aim of Streamstown National School is to provide a Christian and caring learning environment, which facilitates the nurturing of each pupil’s full educational potential. The achievement of this aim informs all of the planning processes and activities which occur in the school.

Teachers and parents are partners in the children’s education, with co-operation and communication between home and school being vital ingredients in the educational process. We share the same aim, providing for and ensuring the well-being of the children in our care.